White house advisers advised Trump: Do a Duterte

The prominence of President Rodrigo Duterte became a basis for some White House advisers to say “Do a Duterte” to United States President Donald Trump in dealing with  terrorists and drug dealers and curbing the crime rate in their country.

In a phone conversation with Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter, someone who has an access to the White House that many Trump’s advisers admire the way of Duterte in dealing with criminality and lawlessness in the Philippines.

“Knowing Trump, I’m sure he will follow the advice of his advisers,” the informant said.

The advisers of the new president of US believe that peace and order situation in the Philippines has improved since Duterte took his seat.

“Both are straight talkers and doers,” the informant added.

The informant also said Trump invited Duterte to attend his inauguration  however, he didn’t push through.

[Source: Inquirer]