De Lima gives message to the public in handwritten note: Listen to Lascañas and Motabato

Senator Leila de Lima urged the public to pay attention to the confessions given by retired SPO3 Arthur Lascañas and self-confessed hit-man Edgar Matobato on the alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS), March 11.

In a handwritten statement, the senator said it's high time for the entire nation to listen and open their eyes.

"It's time for the entire nation to listen and open their eyes on what Lascañas and Motobato had so far revelead and shall further reveal before it is too late  for us and our children," de Lima in the written note said.

"Stop the killings, stop the lies, stop impunity," she added.

De Lima assured people that Lascañas and Motobato's testimonies are factual because it was all based on person knowledge.

Both Lascañas and Motobato claim they are sure the President Rodrigo Duterte was the brain behind DDS when he was the Mayor of Davao City, and responsible for the killings committed by the group.

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Source: GMA Network