Duterte names a source re: Davao death Squad, it’s not Lascañas

President Rodirgo Duterte himself gave the name of a local newspaper columnist as  a credible source on the Davao Deat Squad (DDS) history which purpose is  to discredit him and to put the president down.

In an interview in Malacañang on March 7, the President said a Davao-based journalist named Jun Ledesma is the brain on the birth of DDS.

“He (Ledesma) would give you the history of ‘yung… well… Ayaw ko ‘yung to sound apologetic. You just ask him. He’s a kolumnista sa Sun Star Davao. He would give the right person because he was part of it actually,” Duterte said.

Retired policeman SPO3 Arthur Lascañas, a self proclaimed and confessed DDS member claimed Digong was the one who created the group to get rid of the criminals in Davao city as well as his political enemies.

But in a column published last year, Ledesma said DDS was a “ghost squad” created by a certain INP Regional Commander Dionisio Tan-Gatue Jr. “to counter the offensive” of the armed New People’s Army group Sparrows.

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Ledesma also said Duterte could not have had a hand in DDS’ creation because he just started on his job as a state prosecutor at that time.

Source: Politics.com.ph