Former columnist hits Robredo for accusing Marcos behind impeachment case against her

Former columnist castigated Vice President Leni Robredo for tagging the Marcos family including their supporters as the possible masterminds of the impeachment case filed against her.

In a Facebook post of Mike Acebedo Lopez, he shared a link from ABS-CBN news entitled "Robredo tags Marcos as hand behind impeachment bid" alongside with his insights.

"Hoy Boba! Haven't you learned yet that the Marcos card doesn't work on the Filipino people anymore? Besides, Bongbong's case against you in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is advancing as it should and he doesn't need you to be impeached. You being impeached is immaterial to his case, it has no bearing whatsoever to PET," Lopez said.

Lopez added that Leni's thoughts about Marcos is a strategy to deflect the issue of her betrayal of public trust.

"And you know who wants you ouy? It's thr Filipino people! Just stop, loom, and listen-all around you, everywhere. No one wants you there! So no, not Marcos," he added.

Mike pleaded Leni to stop being an ignorant. "Utang na loob Leni, please lang, pwedeng tigilan mo na ang kabobahan mo?"