Mayor's vehicle parks in PWD section, gets confronted by security guard, his answer makes people throw nuts

Leaders are good followers. A conversation between an alleged mayor's driver and security guard over wrong parking went viral in the internet.

In a Facebook post, photos of black Toyota Fortuner with a 'Mayor' engraged in its plate was parked within tbe PWD section of Manila International Airport Authority.

According to HJ, the one who uploaded the photo said he was waiting at MIAA Bay 5 when he overheard a conversation between a car owner and security guard regarding the protocol.

The security guard asked the driver when he stepped out the vehicle while having his cigarrete session.

The driver answered "Mayor" has a knee pain however the security guard suggested that they should park in the VIP section.

"Sir, sa inyo po ba itong kotse? Bawal po kasi waiting dito, doon na lang sa unahan," the security guard said.

"May sakit sa tuhod si mayor " he answered.

The security guard insisted he should wait in the other area because it is prohibited to park in the PWD section however, the driver insisted guard should talk to the mayor and just turned his back against him.

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Below is the conversation posted in Tagalog:
Security Guard: sir, sainyo po ba itong kotse? Bawal po kc waiting dito... doon nlng po sa unahan.

Dark man: May sakit sa tuhod c mayor.

SC: sir sa VIP parking nlng po sana kau sir... o coordinate natin.

Dark man: (puffed cigar + frown face) kausapin mo si mayor.

SC: sir pasensya na po ginagawa ko lng po trabaho ko.. bawal po tlga waiting dito...

Dark Man: kausapin mo nga si mayor! (Turned his back ignoring the SC and puffed his cigar)

A screenshot of Faceook post-showing MAYOR parked in MIAA /