Mocha Uson on Lascañas’ confession: For truth or for money?

MTRCB board member Mocha Uson stressed there could be senators behind the testimony of retired Arthuro Lascañas, thatit could be possible because of money.

In her column under PhilStar publishe in March 14, Mocha said it has been the scheme of the opposition to use false witnesses to pin down the President Rodrigo Duterte but they never succeeded anyway.

“Several of the rallies they organized have significantly failed because Filipinos are wide awake now from their strategies and techniques to use the people just to satisfy their hunger for power. So even if they have failed at first or even their second try, they will continue to try again until they get what they want without taking into consideration what the Filipino people want and what our country needs to prosper,” Mocha said.

Mocha hit the new state witness of the opposition in the person of Lascañas who claimed he was one of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) Members and confessed that Duterte was behind all the EJKs in the city.

However, Mocha said in conviction that Lascañas might be a puppy of some of the senators.

“If the Senate hearing on the Davao Death Squad and the statement of Lascañas have shown us anything, it’s clearly not that he was telling the truth nor that his story is believable; it showed us who among the Senators are possibly the persons behind the so-called “BIG” revelation of the alleged DDS Leader; it showed us who among the Senators are obviously trying to use the “confession” to sow an intrigue that a death squad is responsible for the “EJK” now that they want to linked to the President.”

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The MTRCB board member added the senators might be doing their duties not for the people but for their own cause which was noticeable when some of them seemingly provided the answer to Lascañas through their way of questioning.

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Source: Philstar | Mocha Uson