MUST READ! Netizen calls for Leni's resignation: Leni has no respect to us Filipinos

Krizette Laureta Chu called for Vice President Leni Robredo's resignation after her interpretation of the administration's war on drugs.

In her Facebook post, Chu said Leni has no respect for the million Filipinos who put the President Rodrigo Duterte into seat.

"Leni Robredo has no respect, not for Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine President who won by the biggest margin, but to us, the 16 to 21 million voters who put him there. And to the many more who weren't able to vote but has found hope in him," Krizette hit Robredo.

The netizen also emphasized that Leni has no respect for the people who fight for the president, especially for the process of democracy.

"You have no respect for the process of democracy, you power hungry, credit grabbing, fake news spreading, divisive, arrogant, useless wench," Laureta concluded.

Krizette used the hashtag #LeniResign at the end of her post.