PNP Chief Bato challenges Leni on ‘palit-ulo’ system: Iharap mo sa akin ang mga pulis na yan kung meron man

Philippine National Police Chief General Ronald Bato Dela Rosa broke his silence on Vice President Leni Robredo’s message for tagging the PNP men on the alleged ‘Palit-ulo’ system under the Waar on Drugs campaign of the administration.

In a press conference, Bato challenged Robredo to bring all the policemen who are tagged in the said operation.

“Iharap mo sa akin ang mga pulis na ‘yon ngayon at susuntukin ko sa ulo, susuntukin ko sa harapan mo, bubugbugin ko mismo sa harapan mo yang pulis nayan,” Bato said in a video uploaded by News5.

He added he won’t let that situation go if ever there was an encounter like what Robredo Said.

“Iharap mo sa akin kung meron yan. Hindi ko pababayaan ang ganyan kung talagang meron, kung ginagawa yan,” Bato concluded.

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