Presidential sister supports DENR Sec Lopez: Don't lose hope we are here to support you

Presidential sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte expressed her support towards the bravery of Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez to stop mining firms.

Using her Facebook post published in March 9, Jocellyn said it is ironical that it is easier to be the bad person rather than to be the good one which is applicable for Lopez' situation.

"This is the case of Ms. Gina Lopez. She put all her time and heart saving the environment and in doing so persevering the livelihood of the poorest sector in the country. We might lose her knowing she is up against the powerful and the rich," Jocellyn said in her Facebook post.

The presidential sister also said that Lopez has her support and the multitude of Filipino people.

"Ms. Gina, don't lose hope we are here to support you all the way," Duterte concluded.