Read how much these two pearls cost that are found in Philippines

The Museo de Tibiao has unveiled two pearls which now serve as one of the main tourist attractions.

Known as the 'Pearls of Tibiao,"  these are believed to be the  biggest pearls in the world. The first pearl which was taken out of its shell weighs 13.75 kilograms while the second one which is still attached to its shell weighs 24.75 kilograms.

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The sum of the cost of these pearls are amounting to $200 million as assessed by the National Museum and declared as Important Cultural Property of the country.

At present, the Museum requires visitor to pay 50php and 150php for students and adults respectively as entrance fees.

Some rules inside the museum include only 20 guests are allowed to enter the museum every 30 minutes while picture taking is allowed for souvenir purposes only.

Source: ChoosePhilippines