Read how a writer named Milwilda Guevara defines Jesse Robredo

If there is one thing we learned from Jesse, it's the 'no entitlement'.. This has been the gist of a feature about late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo by a Manila Bulletin writer Milwilda M. Guevara.

In her article entitled The True Jesse Robredo, Guevara narrated a short story that would define who and what the real Jesse Robredo is.

Guevara described him as a simple politician who doesn't want special treatment even he was holding a high position on the government.

"He always introduced himself to Mr. SyCip as Si Jesse po never expecting people to remember his name. He queued up patiently to get a pass and submit ID. He never introduced himself as a Mayor to demand special treatment," Guevara said.

The writer also said the Mayor had only limited shirts, and so he wore it over and over again.

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