Sass Sasot explains why Duterte isn’t favor in Robredo’s impeachment

Social media blogger and political analyst Sass Rogando Sasot shared her thoughts why the President Rodrigo Duterte remains unsupportive to the possible impeachment case to be charged against Vice President Leni Robredo for her treacherous acts.

The blogger made he insights after the president advised people to stop and lay off, and to just let her do whatever she wants since it is a manifestation of democracy.

According to Sass, if Duterte would’ve said he supports Leni’s impeachment, then the Liberal Party would use this to fuel up the bad image of the president in the international media.

“If Duterte comes out to support Leni's impeachment, Leni's camp would use it as fuel for the fire of their international narrative that Duterte is persecuting anyone who criticizes him.”

She also said Leila De Lima isn’t a good a bait, and likened Leni to a virgin sacrifice of the LP whose political aroma would be hundredfold more pleasing to the international community.

“Yet what Duterte just did is to pre-empt the momentum of Leni's ascendance as a politically persecuted virgin in the eyes of the international community. Duterte has been playing King's gambit: He welcomed the impeachment case against him, while unsupportive of the impeachment case against the woman in haste to take his seat. Leni has no choice but to mirror what Duterte is doing: discourage the impeachment case against him. But she's too late in doing that.” Sass concluded

Alongside with her post, Sass uploaded a photo of a chess board showing a queen need to sacrifice for the king.

As to this writing, the said post already reached 5700 reactions.

Below is Sass Sasot's full Facebook post:

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