Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte says Trillanes is desperate, using Lascañas

Presidential Son as well as Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte spoke to slam Senator Antonio Trillanes for using SPO3 Lascañas to put his father down.

In his Facebook post published under Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte-Official, Paolo emphasized that Lascañas has already admitted that he sought help from Trillanes for his testimony earlier in senate.

"This only shows that Trillanes is behind the latest Lascañas testimony that only dragged the name of President Duterte in the summary killings but also tried in vain to include me and my friend in the illegal drug trade," Paolo said.

The presidential son also remarked that Trillanes' move manifests desperation to pin the Duterte down.

"Trillanes is now desperate in bringing down my father that he would move heaven and earth just to pin us down in these made uo accusations. Trillanes is making money in this circus becausw his political career is already at a dead end," Vice Mayor Duterte concluded.

As to this writing the said post gained 4100 reactions.

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