WAC reveals how Aquino together with Roxas allegedly used DAP for the 2016 election

Aside from the revelation of the truth behind Jesse Robredo’s death, another expose from We are Collective (WAC) on Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is now viral all over social media platform, Facebook.

According to their recent post, ex-President PNoy Aquino, ex-DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, and ex-Budget Secretary Butch Abad, et.al utilized the DAP to fund the 2016 election, in favor of the Liberal Party.

“Remember DAP? Dahil hindi matanggap at na shock si Mar na malakas si Binay sa mga LGU, ginamit nila ang DAP para mapalakas sila sa mga LGU at makontra si Binay sa 2016. They allocated 6.5 billion from the DAP fund for what is essentially a pork barrel-scheme- practically a giveway for local governments down to the municipal level,” WAC said.

WAC also mentioned what investigative reporter Bobby Tiglao said which was the fund was disguised as something intended to augment the internal revenue allotments of provincial and municipal governments which had fallen because of national government shortfalls in its revenues. The annual budget approved by Congress actually has a regular allocation for the LGU Support Fund of Php 200 million.

“In short, they were setting up the fund to boast their prospects in 2016 kung saan tatakbo si Mar pagkapangulo under LP. And jesse is his bastonero so to speak. E nung a dedbol si Jesse wala choice si Mar kundi pumalit dahil walang ibang mapagkatiwalaan sa mga ihianda nila,” WAC concluded.