WATCH! Duterte to PMA grads: Be loyal to flag

President Rodrigo Duterte urge 2017 Philippine Military Acadedy graduates to be catalyst of change and vanguards of hope in his speech during the graduation ceremony of Salaknib Class, March 13.

Duterte as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, advised the new commissioned officers to be loyal to their oath of office and not to their superiors.

"Just be true toyl your oath of office. Don't pledge loyalty to a person, a human being. It's always to the flag and to the constitution. That's my advice to you," President emphasized

He urged the Salaknib Class members to stay true to their name and defend the motherland with all their honir and might. Salaknib means for Sangalang ay lakas at buhay para sa kalayaan ng Inang Bayan.

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