WATCH: Ex PNoy remains speechless in an open forum after a woman questioned him

A viral video of Ex President Ninoy "PNoy" Aquino III took over the social media platform after he was left speechless in an open forum with leaders in Columbia University.

In the said video, two students stood up to ask about the extra judicial killings in the Philippines including the government's action towards this issue.

In addition, the female student also asked what happened to the Yolanda fund which wasn't utilized for the benefit of the victims

PNoy wasn't able to utter answers as he was startled and surprised that a student from an international university asked him.

"No justice, stop killings in the Philippines," the two students shouted as they went out of the hall.

According to netizens, the local media concealed this video to protect the image of PNoy and to hide the EJKs happened during his term.