WATCH! Panelo to VP Robreo on war on drugs message: The VP should study facts, she's misinformed

Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo slammed Vice President Leni Robredo on her recorder message abou the war on drugs of the president for a summit.

Panelo emphasized the VP associated the 7,000 death counts to EJKs as a resilt of police operations where in fact it is not.

"I think the vice president should study the facts. Hindi lamang ito misplaced kundi misfortunate. We can only appeal to the VP's sense to study more and to listen more to what is the reality," Chief legal counsel said.

Salvador also emphasized that it is not true that the war on drugs killings are all police operations related, it is the syndicated who are trying to silence witnesses.

"The VP has been misinformed. The truth is, the administration is venturing on the alleviation of the lives of the people," he concluded.

The Philippine National Police has urged the VP to explain where did she learn all the things she said in the video.

Watch The Video:

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