WATCH: Presidential sister challenges Trillanes: I can bring that D.I if Sen. Trillanes is willing

Presidential sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte slammed SPO3 Artur Lascañas and Senator Antonio Trillanes on the alleged death of her dance instructor.

Jocellyn said she is willing to bring the dance instructor in Manila for the public to know.

"I am willing if Sen. Trillanes is willing. I can bring that D.I here in Manila to face him just to let the public know that it is not true," Duterte emphasized.

She also advised Trillanes to do research before using a witness.

"Ako I cannot understand why a senator of his caliber would put a witness in a senate probe without even bothering to see if it's true," she added.

Jocellyn made this statement after Lascañas swore last Monday that he is one of the Davao Death Squad and he has a knowledge that a dance instructor was killed and buried in a quarry.

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