Conversation between Sen. Trillanes and the woman they allegedly tried to bribe goes viral on Facebook

The conversation between Senator Antonio Trillanes and the woman his camp allegedly tried to bribe went viral on social media platform Facebook after the woman revealed herself in a radio station on April 4.

Davao businesswoman Guillermina “Mina” Barrido, who claimed to be the woman that Trillanes’ camp tried to bribe presented evidence that would prove the validity of her testimony against the senator and Sen. Leila De Lima.

The said exchange of text messages were posted by a netizen named Edith Ging Z. Caduaya on her Facebook account which shows that Tillanes asked Barrrido to provide him photos of President Rodrigo Duterte with her and he called him “Dutirty.”

“Pwede mo ba ma email now yung pictures mo lahat kasama si dutirty,” alleged Trillanes said over text message.

Photo: Edith Ging Z. Caduaya

Barrido however said the ‘Atty.” Instructed to send those photos to him. Trillanes answered back he will wait up to night. “Please give the contact number of the person. Sila na bahala mag usap if mag meet sila.”

Trillanes also asked for Duterte’s photos with a tarpaulin while holding a paper which he claimed he could use it against the president.

Photo: Edith Ging Z. Caduaya

Photo: Edith Ging Z. Caduaya
Barrido on the other hand also shared Trillanes threatened her that no one would believe what she would say if she will reveal their plans against Duterte.

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The said businesswoman also showed part of the text messages/emails of Attorney Jude Sabio, the lawyer of Edgar Matobato to her. The text messages/emails were the draft of statement created by the lawyer to use against President Rodrigo Duterte in International Criminal Court.

Photo: Brigada News Davao

Source: Pinoytrending | Edith Ging Z. Caduaya