Duterte accuses Loida Nicolas Lewis for funding amnesty international to criticize war on drugs

President Rodrigo Duterte accused Filipino-American millionaire and one of his major international critics Loida Nicolas Lewis for funding the Amnesty International (AI) to stain the war on illegal drugs.

In an interview right after the bilateral meeting together with Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah in Malacañang on Thursday, the president ignored  AI’s call for the ASEAN to take a stand against drug-related killings.

The president called the AI as funny for the issue isn’t an issue at all. “That is not an issue. You are funny. Bakit kayo makialam sa amin dito? Magagalit pa ‘yung mga Presidente na…,”  Duterte emphasized.

Duterte thought it is all about politics and he has one person in mind who would fund this commotion to draw global attention--- no other than Loida Nicolas Lewis.

“Alam mo mga pulitika ‘yan eh itong mga pera ni Loida ‘yan. Mga friends friends diyan sa Amerika pa kuno,”  he added.

Nicolas Lewis is one of the few who gave fund the Liberal Party’s presidential campaign during the 2016 elections.

Loida is considered to be Duterte’s major international critic for she has been also allegedly accused for using her money to destabilize and oust Duterte from power.

Source: Politics.com.ph