Duterte as the most adored leader and world’s most influential man, netizen believes

Dubbed as the Most Influential Time in the recent Time’s magazine poll,  President Rodrigo Duterte’s recognition became an issue to people most especially in the social media platforms.

A netizen named Serafin Ledesma Jr., defended President Duterte amidst the point of some people that his recent award is something he really deserve for his outstanding leadership and commitment for the Philippines.

Despite of some Filipinos who are in oppose to what he believes could improve the state of the country, Ledesma said it is his mulity and humaneness led him to that award.

“But Duterte has the masses which traditional politicians thought the can buy and he has friends countrywide who open their homes and garage for him to sleep as he went about the campaign trail. This was not a problem for Duterte because he is used to a frugal lifestyle. Up to now the President contentedly lives in a low-cost subdivision, would prefer mongo with dried fish and “inun-onan” a dish of anchovies with slices of ginger, garlic and ripe tomatoes with a pinch of salt wrapped in young banana leaf,” Ledesma said in his facebook post.

He also emphasized that despite the criticism that other international leaders which include Barack Obama and Ban Ki-moon gave to Duterte on his war on illegal drugs, he was able to influence and show to the people that it is for their betterment, to live in a more peaceful country.

“He threw away the adversarial policy of his predecessor Benigno Aquino III and declared a bilateral engagement with China. He openly expressed his admiration of Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin. Surely all these resonate to citizens of these great nations.

Brushing aside the lecture of Obama and Ki-moon warning him on the much ballyhooed extra-judicial killing in his campaign against drug syndicates, Duterte instead declared an all-out war against drugs. Ironically this earned admiration from the new US Pres. Donald Trump,” Serafin stressed.

Ledesma presented these ideas to gave a hint to the people why he really deserves the award. Being at the top is a judgment that he is an iconic leader who is loved by his people and who is not afraid to confront the mighty who had been “lording” it over the destinies of men and nations.

Ledesma believes that no one and nothing can pin Duterte down.

“In the end and as this survey would prove our President must have done something good. And his good deeds are not to be dampened with this laurel. He came home just recently from the Middle East taking with him the first batch of many hundreds of undocumented OFWs and saved not a few from the gallows and death row

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And let’s not forget that in his diplomatic foray into China, Japan, the Middle East and other Asean countries he opened up new markets for Philippine products,” he concluded.

Below is the full post of Serafin Ledesma Jr