EXPOSED! Lies of Latest Pulse Asia Survey On Duterte's War On Drugs

The Pulse Asia Research Inc. released recently the result of their latest survey they conducted regarding the government's war against illegal drugs.

According to the result, about 82% of Metro Manila people feel safer due to the Philippine National Police war on drugs.

However, political analyst Sass Rogando Sassot shared in her Facebook page that part of the result are purely lies.

"Someoen in the know, let's call him Mr. insider, sent this to me. It's a survey conducted on December 6-11,2016. The question: "Whether President Duterte will lead the country in the right or wrong direction," Sass said in her caption together with a screen capture of pulse asia survey results.

The result indicated that 82% said he will lead in the right direction, 4% said the opposite, and 14% said they are undecided.

"Ang nasa board ng Pulse Asia ay pro-yellow, actually rapa lopa who used to be the president  of pulse asia is 1st cousin of PNoy and staunch supporter if Leni," Sass added.

Sass also said that the survey wasn't conducted in Metro Manila alone, it's in the whole Philippines rather. "Mr. insider also sent me the results about survey on safety. Hindi lang pala siya for Metro Manila! Buong Pilipinas pala siya!"