Journalist: Marcos about to get gov't position, yellows failed to stop it

Journalist Jojo Robles in his Facebook post said that Bongbong Marcos who ran in the vice presidential elections and lost, is about to be given a government position and that the members of the Liberal Party could not stop it.

Robles  said that the plan of the yellows all along was to agitate the people about a Marcos appointment at the Department of Interior and Local Government.

However, he said that the "paranoid strike" by the LP only made Filipinos look forward for  Marcos to be given a top post even if it wasn't in DILG.

"Duterte's claim that Bongbong will have to give up his protest is bait. Even the Yellows know that he doesn't really have to, despite what Digong said. And that is what makes the Yellows so scared," he said.

Robles said that the firing of VP Leni Robredo from her cabinet post only made the country want Marcos to help lead.

He stated that raising the Marcos bogeyman as done by the LP is no longer a strategy as the burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani was not stopped.

He said there is yet to be an offer and Marcos is wise enough not to decline a non-offer.

"Keep the Yellows off-balance, I say. Then strike.  The outcome will always be the same. They lose," he said.

As of writing, Marcos claimed that there was yet to be an offer from Duterte, but serving in his cabinet will be an offer.