Late Miriam Defensor-Santiago's sister blasts 'smashers': Kayo ang mag ipokrita, doble kara

Late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago's sister Paula Defensor-Knack gave lecture to 'smashers' who see the things she share as a form of bashing.

In her facebook post published on April 20, Knack went straight forward in addressing the bashers, informing them that she only explain essential issues because the local media in Philippines is color-tainted and one sided.

"We are giving you another view so you have mental tools to analyze, the same mental tools I got from my professors," Knack said.

As a student of former NATO SEC. General, Knack said she only wanted people to learn, so if people go against to what she educates, they should stop reading instead.

"So kung may high blood kayo, wag kayong magbasa. Wala kayong mababasa, wala tayong magawa ganyan ang mundo ngayon," she insisted.

Knack emphasized that even detractors read the information she share and criticize it afterwards.

She described these people as hypocrites.

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"Yon ang tinatawag na ipokrito, doble kara, tuliro. Mangape kayo. Sayang naman kung sila pa ang nakinabang sa tinuturo ko at hindi kayo," she concluded.

Source: Paula Defensor Knack | Facebook