Netizen gives advice to Pres. Duterte: Honorary PhD Degree offered by UP is useless

“PRESIDENT DUTERTE SHOULD DECLINE THE HONORARY PhD DEGREE OFFERED BY U. P.” This has been the theme of a post of a netizen named Adolfo Mortera regarding his advise addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte to decline the Honorary PhD Degree offered in the University of the Philippines.

According to Mortera, he highlighted that the said degree was taken by the Cory and PNoy Aquino however never justified what they have learned.

“That honorary degree was conferred to Cory and she fucked up our economy and land reform and the poor Luisita farmers big time. BS Aquino also received that degree and it never improved his IQ and EQ. On the contrary, it earned him 1 million units in practicum on How To Be A Pork Barrel King and How To Impeach A Chief Justice who ruled against his family hacienda,” he emphasized.

Mortera also said Duterte doesn’t need the honorary degree because his performance now is exemplary that he works 24/7 for the betterment of the country.

“President Duterte doesn't need that honorary degree. It won't add value to his performance: he is already a 24x7 president who has been achieving gains in peace and order, economy, efficiency in the bureaucracy, eliminating graft and corruption through sheer hard work and political will. That degree won't add value to his EQ: unlike his predecessor, the President has already demonstrated unprecedented compassion for the poor, the calamity victims, and for our fallen soldiers.”

He stressed only the opposition and destabilizers need the degree for it will bring benefit to them as they will capitalize on the said issue to create noise and gain media mileage for their evil agenda.

Mortela said the real doctorate degree is becoming a hero for the grieving people, superb public service to the needy.

“The real doctorate degree that matters to the President is the rockstar welcome the OFWs give him during his state visits; the smile from a grieving parent who lost a soldier son; the thumbs-up sign from clients in government service counters; the feeling of security when we are out at night; food on the family table from our own farmers; and the assurance that we have a President who works and cares.,” he concluded.

Below is the full post of Adolfo Mortera