Partylist representative discourages Pres Duterte: Mapatay mo man ang 4m na adik, bigo ka pa rin

Kabataan Partylist Representative Sarah Elago discouraged President Rodrigo Duterte despite his good standing on war against illegal drugs because she believes that there is still a problem on drugs.

According to Elago, the main reason of illegal drug trade is the hunger among poor citizens.

"What will happen if he kills those four million people he claims are addicted to drugs or are drug pushers? Nothing. Because he did not solve the root of the problem: poverty, joblessness, landlessness. As long as these remain, he can't win this war," she said.

Up to now, she believes that there are still people who are jobless and based from a report a matter of 12 million people are not employed but  the president isn't doing anything about it.

"His statements are chilling. The president really does not care for the poor. He targets  them on his war on drugs, yet he does not do anything to uplift their lives to keep them away from such vices," Elago exclaimed.

Elago elaborated that Duterte isn't doing anything to stop te vigilants who are behind EJKs.

Source: Abante