Paula Defensor-Knack hits CBCP for their silence on tagged issues to Robredo

Sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, Paula Defensor Knack condemned the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines for keeping their mouths mum regarding the issues tagged to Vice President Leni Robredo while they are being bold in criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte.

In her Facebook post, Knack said in her status that everyone is waiting for them to talk about Robredo’s stand to legalize prohibited drugs.

“Why is the CBCP quiet about Robredo’s move to legalize prohibited drugs and make them available in public establishments, like stores, cafes and restaurants,” Knack emphasized.

This yellowtard critic said the CBCP is the expert on this matter said by Robredo because many catholic schools are near in every big commercial complex.

“Hello CBCP ! We want to hear from the priests and nuns on this issue.....
Now is the time to talk...everyone is waiting. The CBCP is the expert on this matter because there are Catholic schools near busy commercial areas as well as small stores and restaurants. So let the experts analyze and give their opinion,” Knack said.

Netizens came to agree with her as a Remz Patrimonio Sobrevega Jr., highlighted in the comment section of her post that CBCP is ashamed to react because they are on the side of Robredo.

“Interesting- they wouldn't want to distribute condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases but they're okay with distributing illegal psychoactive drugs,” said by a netizen Jhal Jane Fojas on the other hand.

As to this writing, Knack’s post has generated 3100 reactions and shared by 1306 netizens.