PDP Laban Party list writes open letter to Duterte, gives recommendation for DILG secretary

Party list PDP LABAN endorsed a qualified candidate for the Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary in an open letter published in social media platform, Facebook under Alex Paurom.

In the said Facebook post, Alex together with his group tries to convince Duterte to appoint Atty. Franklin Quijano to be the next DILG Secretary.

Frank Quijano has been also mentioned by Senator Koko Pimentel and labeled him as the most qualified and most experienced person  to be in the said position for his terrific leadership and has a strong will to rebuild confidence in the country.

“He has the intellect, temperament, wisdom, and leadership ability to bring us together as a nation and lead us forward. I trust him fully to use his experience to make the right decisions and always put the interests of the Filipinos ahead of his own needs. He will also unleash fresh energy from new faces or those who have been sitting on the sidelines, dismayed by other dysfunctional of government agencies,” Alex emphasized.

Alex shared that Quijano has been in the public service for almost twenty five years and known for his platform which is “If you want to build a Nation, Build a Character”. I realize I am more comfortable with service than being public,” which he considers the strong will of Quijano for the nation.

“In the good governance, it had been even greater latitude to make monumental decisions with lasting consequences. Not infrequently, A Secretary who lack deep knowledge of a true responsive governance can make major mistakes, as sec. Sueno, Peter La Vina did in their most political undoings. This is why PDP LABAN-MRRD-NECC had been unified in our position. This is the unity that can make a valid, a very relevant and responsive local government,” he added.

Alex concluded he endorsed Quijano for he will use his leadership, diplomacy, and negotiating skills to advance DILG into a greater nation.

Below is the full post of Alex Paurom