Read: Bruce Rivera shares 3 reasons how the Aquino Administration pisses him

Avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte and prominent lawyer speaks how the Aquino administration pissed him so much.

In his Facebook post published on April 25, Rivera enumerates three major reasons why they pissed him while he was watching Dutertenomics.

Bruce highlighted the Daang Matuwid branded their economic program like a pornstar’s cock and they often informed people that tax from taxpayers were well spent.

First point of Bruce mentioned what did they achieved with regards to alleviation of poverty. “First, in the past 10 years, you only managed to raise the poverty level to a resounding 0.1%. Which makes me wonder. What did the 4P's achieve? Kung isang tao ang mahihirap sa Pilipinas, ang pinamaliit na hintututuro lang ang natulungan. However, you claim to have a 6.8% economic growth. So, who got to enjoy the growth? Yes, the oligarchs. Daang Matuwid, PI ninyo!!!!”

In addition, the lawyer on his second thought their definition of growth became was useless because farmers were killed and remained in hunger. “Second, despite the yearly boasting of a sustained economic growth, you only manage to spend 2-3% on infrastructure. Saan ginastos ang growth? Hindi tumaas ang poverty alleviation kaya hindi niyo ginastos sa mga mahihirap yun. Gutom nga ang mga magsasakang pinagbabaril ninyo sa Cotabato. Hindi din dumami ang mga infrastructure natin because karamihan sa mga projects na yun ay kay GMA pa napirmahan pero sa inyo naexecute. So, putang-ina, anong pinagkakagastusan ninyo from 2010 to 2016?”

Bruce on his third reason focused on the project of Aquino Administration which was the literal “daang matuwid” and no more than that. He asked them if it contributed significance for the Philippines to become richer and more progressive. “Third, bakit andaming pera ng gobyerno ngayon na nauulol na sila sa pagawa ng pagawa ng infrastructure. Hindi lang build but BUILD, BUILD, BUILD. Everything is being built while you just aimed for a straight road. A fucking single straight road. Bigla lang ba tayong yumaman? Bigla bang ginanahan magbayad ng tax ang mga tao? O talagang ganun talaga kadami ang pera natin all along, HINDI LANG NINANAKAW. Nalintekan na!!!”

At the end of his post, Bruce concluded he yellor tards will suffer and pay for their low-key corruption scheme.

“You will pay. You corrupt, evil, thieves.
As we BUILD, BUILD, BUILD....we will also make sure the thieves and plunderers will
PAY, PAY, PAY!!!!” he said.