READ: The damage of Robredo’s remarks on war against illegal drugs according to Contreras

Columnist and Political Science professor Antonio P. Contreras  slammed once again Vice President Leni Robredo for the effects of her speech on war against illegal drugs through his article published under Manila Times.

Contreras shared a story of an OFW living in the Caribean nations who is now having a hard time and carrying stress from the native citizens after Leni described the country as a dark place where people are mired in helplessness and hopelessness.

“Radio stations began to speak harshly about the Philippines, even painting our country as if we have become a war zone where just anyone can be killed in the streets. Commentaries in the media and even from her friends were so insulting, and have caused her much stress. Many of her friends have messaged her, concerned about the safety of her family still living here, something that she is not sure if she should appreciate.”

He added this has not been the first time he heard a story like this, even an ordinary Filipino who had her vacation in Ecuador experienced hearing judgments that Duterte is crazy, maniacal murderer who loves to kill at will.

“And the most painful story is that of Elaine (not her real name), who is married to an Italian but lives in Thailand with their child. Elaine is dying of cancer, and she wants to come home to spend the rest of her life with her parents and family in her hometown. After being exposed to the unfavorable images painted by the international media, and further affirmed by the speech of Mrs. Robredo, her husband refuses to come with her,” he continued.

Despite of their sacrifices, they are now seen as a product and a citizen of a dark place which is being ruled by a crazy and ridiculous President, Contreras commeted.

“As one overseas Filipino lamented, embodying a widely held sentiment, Leni Robredo spoke with the Philippine flag behind her, and the seal of her office prominently displayed. She inflicted the authority of her office to become a burden for the overseas Filipinos to bear. Her unverified accusations took the mantle of an official declaration, and acquired the character of authoritative truth, for it came from the second highest official of the land.”

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Contreras concluded that people should be in their sense and continue to reveal that all the thought Leni gave during the UN summit are all lies. “We who are left behind have to be at the forefront in unmasking the lies of Leni Robredo and her allies.

Source: Manila Times / Antonio Contreras