READ: A true to life story of a young father which proves that Duterte is a people’s champ

A true to life story of a young father who allegedly received help from President Rodrigo Duterte way back 2004 went viral on social media platform Facebook after writer Krizette Laureta Chu shared the story in her wall, April 18.

The said story was about a young father whom child delivered via C-section might die if the prescribed medicine wouldn’t be given to her. The medicine would cost 11,000php per every vial.  The young father asked some helped from his relatives but turned down.

Nevertheless, the young father overheard a conversation between a patient and a doctor in which they are talking about how Mayor Duterte has helped them, so he decided to have guts and talk to the mayor himself.

“While he was in the jeepney, he remembered that he is not a registered voter of Davao City. What if they turn him down? He has heard stories where government officials ask for people’s voter’s IDs first before they give help. But he has to give it a try. Mayor Duterte is his last hope,” the wife  named Joy Tagolgol continued.

To cut the story short, when the young father queued in the Mayor’s office and approached one of the staff of Duterte.

The personnel examined the prescription and when she came back, she was holding the same paper with a money inside an envelope. Mayor Duterte also gave money for the father to buy food.

“Someday Mayor Duterte, I will be able to thank you for your kindness. I was nobody, not even a voter of Davao yet you allowed your secretary to disturb you in a meeting because I needed help,” the young father mused to himself.

“I want a president I can turn to when everyone else can’t and won’t be there for me. I want a president that will listen to me even if there’s an important meeting going on. I want a president that can see my greater need, not only the one I’m asking for. We personally experienced that with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and he’s the only presidential candidate I can entrust my daughter’s future with. Say all ill things you can come up with against him, but as for me, I will stand tall and proud as I raise my fist high in the air. I am for Duterte, I am for change,” Joy concluded.

As to this writing, the said post already reached 2,200 reactions frpm netizens.

Below is the full post of Joy Tagolgol