Read why Duterte considers Ambassador Timbayan is special

President Rodrigo Duterte considers his flatmate Alan Timbayan is his ultimate best friend for he cannot remember a time that they had a feud.

Timbayan is the newly appointed Philippine Ambassador in the State of Qatar last March.

During his state visit, Duterte shared that their friendship with Timbayan started during their law school days when he realized he doesn't have a roomate in a dormitory in  the 1960s.

Duterte also shared he was also with Jun Yasay, Labor secretary Bebot Bello, and BIR commissioner Caesar Dulay.
When Yasay eloped with the canteen's muse, that was the time when he bonded with Timbayan

"“Si Bello pati ‘yung BIR si Dulay, ang harap namin ‘yung kwarto. Kami ni Yasay ang magka-roommate nung – after later years si Yasay kasi naglipat, nag-asawa ang buang, maaga. Iyong babae doon sa canteen na maganda, tinanan niya. Si Timbayan, sabi ko, “Alan, wala ka bang ano diyan na ako lipat?’,” said Duterte.

The two leaders were both law students that time, Duterte in San Beda and Timbayan at Lyceum.

“If you do not believe me, your Ambassador, Alan Timbayan, he was my roommate. He’s a Tausug. He’s a Muslim. We stayed in one room. We never argued even half a minute. Roommates and… we love each other,” said Duterte.

Timbayan's career timeline is as follows: Philippines Labor Attaché in Jeddah (1987-1990); Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1990-1994); and Osaka, Japan (1996-2003). He was also acting Labor Attaché of Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Yemen prior to the opening of a Philippine Embassy in the Gulf States. Obviously, Timbayan had the credentials to take on the job although being Duterte’s BFF didn’t hurt either.

Source: Politics