Sass Sasot praises DENR Sec Lopez: Be a Gina in a nation full of Lenis

Political analyst and social media blogger Sass Rogando Sasot expressed her immense admiration to Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez  on her column published under Manila Times, April 20.

According to Sass, Lopez is worthy to emulate because her passion comes with a vision and a plan.

“Be an Opposition with a compelling vision rather than a loudmouth spewing political platitudes. In other words: Be a Gina Lopez in a nation full of Leni Robredo. Though Lopez isn’t part of the Opposition, she’s worthy of emulation by those who want to translate their love for our country into action. Her passion comes with a vision and a plan,” Sasot said.

In her article, she gave a detailed comparison to Gina Lopez and Vice President Leni Robredo with regards to their political will and attitude.

Lopez Is firm to her decisions on mining companies and her vision is to keep safe our ecological assets which Sass considers as a rare political attitude while Robredo sticks on mainstream political slogans which include “war on poverty.”

“Robredo has no riveting strategy, just a litany of emotional appeals punctuated by a smile. She’s definitely not an adept general that could lead her troops to win any war at all.”

Sasot criticized Leni for being the Opposition Queen which will demise to her political career. She advised Leni to be like Gina Lopez rather, to have a plan and passion for the Philippines.

“The Opposition should cease being a Leni Robredo, and start being a Gina Lopez. Time to have a gripping vision with a plan. Present it with ardor. The passionate mass of Duterte supporters might not accept what you say, but gaining acceptance isn’t the goal. The goal is to provide the creative tension this administration needs to keep itself on track in its quest to give every Filipino a more comfortable life,” she concluded.

Source: Manila Times | Sass Sasot