Trillanes says Duterte will either be impeached or ICC steps in: Pick your poison

The wheel of fortune seems to be on the side of Senator Antonio Trillanes who is known to be the one of the major critics of President Rodrigo Duterte as the International Criminal Court asked for a probe for the president for crimes against humanity.

“Pick your poison, Mr. Duterte,” stressed Trillanes on his statement given after the ICC declared the news, April 26.

According to Trillanes, the ICC has no choice except to investigate the President if his allies will save him from impeachment.

“He declared a policy of killings that left thousands of Filipinos slaughtered. He didn’t lift a finger to stop it. Worse, Duterte even encouraged it. With that, the only requirement left before ICC could assume jurisdiction is whether the local courts are unwilling and unable to prosecute Duterte,” the senator said

However, Duterte possess a presidential immunity so Trillanes thought the only way for him to face prosecution over his alleged EJKs is through impeachment proceedings.

“In other words, if his allies railroad the impeachment complaint, the ICC steps in,” Trillanes added.

Magdalo party-list Representative Gary Alejano, ally of Trillanes filed earlier an impeachment complaint against Duterte.

Earlier this week, Atty. Jude Sabio filed a communication before the Hague-based tribunal asking for an investigation for Duterte’s alleged crimes against humanity.

Sabio said in details he accused the President as the mastermind behind the death of more than 9,000 suspected criminals, and political enemies starting from the time he was seated as the Davao City Mayor until he assumed office last year as the head of state.

Trillanes considers there is indeed more than enough evidence for ICC to push through the investigation for Duterte to prove his connection to the EJKs.