Truth behind Leni Robredo’s father who was appointed by the late Marcos gets revealed

A Facebook post about the late father of Vice President Leni Robredo who has been appointed as municipal judge by the late president Ferdinand Marcos went viral on the said social media platform.

According to the Facebook page Filipino Fighting for Freedo of Information 4Fo1, the vice president hides the fact that her father, the late Judge Anotnio Gerona was appointed as municipal judge in 1980 during the Marcos regime.

“He was a Marcos and martial law supporter, by reason of his closeness to his classmate Former Trade Minister Luis R. Villafuerte, who was also the nino bonito of Imelda Marcos,” 4F01 said in a caption.

The said  post emphasized that Leni’s family had a good life during the martial law years and one of the top beneficiaries of Martial Law.

“Leni’s family had a good life during the martial law years. They were beneficiaries of martial law. If I were Leni, I’d stop my criticisms of martial law and Bongbong, and just say thank you instead,” the post concluded.

Below is the full post of Buyawe Doris