WATCH: Imelda Marcos considers Martial Law as late Marcos’ greatest legacy

Former first lady and Ilocos Norte 2nd District Representative Imelda Marcos considers Martial Law as the greatest legacy of his late husband President Ferdinand Marcos.

In an interview with Winnie Munsod during an episode of Wag Kang Pasaway, Imelda said this has been the greatest because it made the Filipino people free, the country had sovereignty, and equal human rights.

“Ang pinakamagandang legacy ni marcos ay ang Martial Law. That made real this nation will be great again. It was martial law that ensured our freedom , our justice, our democracy, our human rights, and our sovereignty,” Marcos said.

When asked about the collapse of economy during his husband’s term  on the 1980s, Imelda defended him that if only Marcos was able to execute his plan, the Philippines survived.

“Temporary lang yun, dahil hindi pa nila nalaman na naposisyon nap ala ni Marcos ang mga gold niya all over the country.  He did not because he positioned it in 170 banks. “

She was also asked about her projects during her reign as first lady especially the most controversial Film Center wherein an alleged number of 170 people died.

“It was a lie. Only four died. Ang aking goal sa buhay ay hindi lang tama kundi buo. I want my project to be real, building the cultural center is pasaway but I finished it.”

Imelda negates the allegations that she planned to take over the sea of marcos when he died.

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