WATCH: Suspicious pattern in 2013 senate race discovers by Ateneo de Manila Professor

A video of an alleged anomaly happened on 2013 senatorial elections went viral on social networking site, Facebook.

Social media page Dayaag Matuwid uploaded a video in their Facebook page about an expose of SMARTMATIC and alleged frauds during 2013 and 2016 elections.

According to the documentary, May 2013 senatorial race was also suspected to have been manipulated.

Professor Felix Muga II, a faculty member of the Mathematics Department of Ateneo de Manila University discovered the suspicious pattern.

This has been also proved by a testimonial came from former COMELEC Advisory Council Member Bettina Quimson.

Quimson narrated that she has a knowledge that Marlon Garcia of Smartmatic has put another server inside the Pope pius server.

“Marlon Garcia of Smartmatic actually twice has put a server in the Pope pius server. They have their own server a laptop. You put a computer there, you do something that nobody knows really what you,” quimson shared.

She added that Marlon or the Smartmatic should be in court for interfering with the Filipino voters.

On the other hand, Maricor Akol of NAMFREL also said that during the election, the instruction given was the results would be transmitted to the municipal server directly, however, another server was installed before votes would be transmitted in the main server.

“We have to decrypt because through enough from the precinct it is encrypted to the, or transmitted to the municipal server. But we were not told that it would also pass through the intermediary server so we questioned it,” she added.

Watch the video below!