WATCH: Virginia state senator praises Duterte: Filipinos have chosen a very strong ruler

Virginia State Senator and former Pentagon head lawyer Richard Black praised President Rodrigo Duterte for initiating independence in addressing the needs of his motherland.

In an interview with EIR ASIA which touched Duterte's war on drugs, Black pointed out America and other nations should not intervene and respect the Filipino Culture because the people know more of what the Philippines needs.

The state senator said Duterte was able to fix a lawless city and he was ruthless to criminals which brought peace and order in Davao City.

Black believes the majority of Filipino people voted for him because of his strongwill.

"The people of the Philippines elected Rodrigo Duterte since they wanted law and order, and he gave it to them. They have chosen a very strong ruler."

On the other hand, Black mentioned the US also had a war on drugs campaign however, it only made the drug situations worse.

The former head chief of law suggested the US should look after the Philippines to get a better idea on how to handle situation on drug trade.

He also added that the declaration of Duterte to separate from US is US' fault because he believes America didn't treat Philippines in a more sensitive fashion.

Black exclaimed the Chinese offered help while the Americans offered condemnation.

"It would be a shame to lose our alliance with the Philippines," Black concluded.

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Source: Filipinews | LaRouchePAC Videos