Writer blames 'Delawan' on MRT breakdown: Ang tanga ng mga Delawan

Avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte and writer Krizetter Laureta-Chu blamed the Aquino Administration for the breakdown of Manila Rail Transit issues.

Chu went straightforward in saying the Delawan committed a big stupidity when they chose a contractor to maintain the MRT line 3 who is not experienced in the said field.

"Mga bes, alam niyo bang yung current na nakakontrata na i maintain yung MRT natin, walang isang katiting na experience sa pag maintain ng mga trains? Pero binigay pa rin ng AQUINO ADMIN sa kanila ang contract? WHAT A MAGIC."

Chu also reminded everyone that behind the MRT is the tax of people which went to waste. The newsest coaches are worth 3.8 billion pesos which she believes doesn't suit for the MRT 3.

This mistake that Chu is pointing was all promoted by former secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications, Jun Abaya.

"O e ano, tapos may trains na binili si ABAYA from China na worth P3.8 billion pesos na Hindi natin magagamit dahil hindi compatible sa system natin. ANG TATANGA," she added.

At the end of her post, Chu mentioned public services committee chairman Sen. Grace Poe will file a resolution to conduct a probe to investigate this issue when the will resume regular session next Tuesday.