Aguirre tells critic to get used to Duterte’s jokes

Get used to it. Department of Justice Secretary Vitalino Aguirre II addressed this to President Rodrio DUterte’s critics for his penchant for making rape jokes.

Aguirre urged the public to not make it a big deal over the issue emphasizing that “joke is a joke.”

“We should get used to the President’s mouth. Let’s not blow it up,” Aguirre said in a press briefing.

The justice secretary also said that joke isn’t something to joke about however, people should distinguished if the president is just stating a hyperbole.

Aguirre also advised people to just support what the President is doing and his decision to place Mindanao under Martial Law instead of creating big fuss over issues.

Netizens lambasted him for his remarks before the soldiers in Iligan City on Friday that he would still support them if they raped up to three women while implementing martial law.

On the other hand, Vice President Leni Robredo called President Rody’s remarks as injustice to our soldiers.

“It is not good to make a joke about rape because this is the time when our soldiers need our support. This is the time when we have to give them the highest respect that they need,” Robredo told reporters.

Robredo added that his joke about rape does not help the current security situation.

Source: Inquirer