Bruce Rivera slams a lawyer for labeling Duterte as sex maniac

Atty. Bruce Rivera using his social media account on Facebook wrote an open letter addressed to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) regarding a colleague who called President Rodrigo Duterte as a sex maniac.

Rivera wrote this letter after a lawyer named Jesus Falcis posted in his Facebook account about his curiosity why Mocha Uson was appointed as PCOO Assitant Secretary.

“Real talk: Bakit mahal na mahal ni President Duterte si Mocha Uson at ang Mocha Girls? May nangyari kaya between Duterte and Mocha Uson? What happens when a philanderer and nymphomaniac meets a sex guro?” said Falcis in his post.

The avid supporter of President Duterte slammed Falcis pointing out that it is everyone’s right to give a comment but labeling the president as such is a basis for disciplinary action or worst, disbarment.

“Dear Integrated Bar of the Philippines, There is a lot a lawyer can do that he can get away with. However, when a lawyer calls an incumbent President a sex maniac (albeit the wrong term because nymphomaniac refers to a woman while satyriasis is the term for the male), then that is a basis for disciplinary action, if not disbarment,” said Bruce in his post.

He added lawyers could criticize any incumbent like what he does to Leni, but telling the president that he has a sexual disorder is way below the belt.

For this, Rivera demands the IBP to take not of this issue and to put a proper disciplinary measure.

“We can criticize any public officials, as I do with VP Leni. And calling them names in relation to actions in public office is allowed as a criticism. But to insinuate a sexual disorder clearly outside the ambit of public office and insinuating sexual intercourse as a way to shame individuals is way below the belt. I demand for the IBP to take note of this action because even for a liberal and open-minded lawyer like myself, this is too much.”

Below is the full Facebook post of Atty. Bruce Rivera

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera