Cayetano: EU’s Plan in Legalizing Abortion and Drug Use in the Philippines is a Big No No

Foreign Affairs Secretary Allan Peter Cayetano told the reporters that the European Union’s scheme of legalizing abortion and drug possession is totally unaccepted by the Philippines which is a Catholic country and not only the government. Cayetano added that would rather consider accepting the aid than giving in to unacceptable demands.

He said the that Netherlands wants abortion to be legalize, which he has known during the periodic review of the United Nations human rights council in Geneva, Switzerland on the Philippines’ rights record

The former senator led the delegation from the Executive and Legislative branches which he defended campaign of President Duterter’s war on drugs.

“They want to legalize the possession of drugs for personal use. How can that be accepted here, what will you do with money when you have so many addicts. Their demands are not in the grants, but we have to read between the lines,” he said.

He then described relations between the Philippines and the 28-member bloc as “rocky” and on a “roller coaster” because of their demands.

 “The ball is actually in the hands of EU to tell us that there are no strings attached and that the money is for humanitarian help. Second, that they will not interfere with our internal affairs. Third, we want to hear from them that they support our law and order campaign. They have been saying that, but once they see that somebody is killed, they will say it is not rule of law. What do they want to see, policemen being killed?” he said.

He also said that the Philippines as a country is independent and that is where the red lines are drawn.

Cayetano noted that China and Japan extend grants without conditions.

The EU’s offer of 325 million euros in aid was rejected by the government for it cannot adhere to the conditions attached to the grants.

Source: Manila Times