Columnist criticizes Duterte’s war on drugs: The time frame was unrealistic

President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs has created a scene not only nationwide but worldwide and it creates division to people.

A columnist of Manila Times criticized this Duterte’s administration program pointing out that this seemed to be unrealistic.

Jaime Yambao said President Rodrigo Duterte had announced that he will finish the problems on illegal drugs in a specific time frame of six moonths.

Yambao however emphasized in his article that War on Illegal Drugs has been pictured as war on the poor since almost all of the users and pushers belong to the poverty line in the Philippines.

“Duterte’s war on drugs has been criticized and pictured as a war on the poor. An American reporter won a Pulitzer prize stringing along photos taken by Filipino photographers of the death of drug pushers or users or both in the slums of Metro Manila and the overcrowding of disheveled surrenderees and inmates in a Quezon City detention center. The alarm about the peddling and abuse of dangerous drugs has been largely and precisely due to their spreading to even the most disadvantaged sectors of society, grimly putting into question the future of nearly half of the Philippine population and their offspring,” said Yambao in his article.

He added that his campaign has some defects which defeat the purpose of his victory during the 2016 Presidential Election.

“Duterte’s war on drugs has had some defects. A principal one emanates from the very reason the people voted for him: his promise of fast, effective action to solve the drugs problem perceived to be at the root of rising criminality. It is clear by now that the deadline Duterte set for himself for solving this national scourge was unrealistic,” he said.

The columnist concluded that the Duterte administration might have treated the drug problem in the Philippines is like merely a larger Davao. He said the administration could’ve taken pause in order to plan better to curb this menace.

“The Duterte administration did not allow itself a pause to contemplate the magnitude of a national campaign. It seems to have been assumed that the Philippines is merely a larger Davao.”

At the end of his column, Yambao said there will be a continuation of his criticism against this issue.

Source: Manila Times