Columnist says Ph rejection of EU’s aid will not stop them from criticizing Duterte

For the first time in the modern history of the Philippines, it has openly threatened to reject any external assistance especially with the ones which has conditions.

A columnist said this action of the Philippine Government will not stop the European Union to criticize the war on illegal drugs program of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Professor Richard Javad Heydarian, a GMA news Resident Analyst mentioned five facts people should bear in mind before they swim to the issue.

According Heydarian’s column published My 23, the EU  grants are donations rather than interest based loans which have undergirded relationship with other major powers.

He also added that the said aid gives focus on capacity building, post disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction, and peace process development.

“The EU grants are part of a broader package of assistance, which the regional body provides to its partners, particularly developing nations and emerging democracies. For instance, the Philippines currently enjoys special preferential trading arrangement, the so-called GSP+ (Generalized Scheme of Preferences-Plus) with the world’s biggest market, where bulk of our exports enter the EU with almost zero tariff. Among the biggest beneficiaries are thousands of fisher folks, furniture producers, and agricultural exporters,” Richard added.

The news analyst however said the it is a risky move since it could jeopardize the interest of many ordinary folks.

“Honestly, what we are likely witnessing is classic posturing. The Duterte administration wants the EU to stop its criticism of its war on illegal drugs lest currently productive development partnerships fall apart. It is a risky move, which could jeopardize the interest of many ordinary folks, who depend on the EU assistance.”

He concluded that there is still a room for a dialogue and mutually acceptable compromise if the Philippine Government might think again.

Source: GMA