Contreras comments on traditional media’s karma, says Maria Ressa paid for it

Commentator and Political Science Professor, Antonio Contreras slammed the mainstream media now that they are receiving the prize for their effort to criticize and discredit President Rodrigo Duterte after Rappler Founder Maria Ressa obtained the attention of the President’s defenders in social media.

In his article published May 2, Contreras pointed out the foul actions and ill information that the traditional media gave about Duterte are now being paid by Ressa when she publicized she received rape threats in a minute.

“Ressa did not say she received rape threats, but only hate messages. And she did not receive 90 of those in a minute, but in an hour,” Contreras said.

The commentator advised Ressa and her camp to understand the behavior of Duterte’s army on social media base before she attacked them.

“But Ressa and her cabal should understand the behavior of the pro-Duterte social media base. As a veteran journalist, she should have easily understood the pent-up resentment of a people who have had enough of elite rule, and has found a voice and symbol to rally around in the person of the President.”

Contreras on the other hand mentioned social media also have its faults, shortcomings, and excesses however Ressa should also wake up to the realization that in these times of cyber politics, social media warriors become essential parts of the democratic political landscape.

“In fact, the reason why social media has become more prominently relied upon by people is because of journalists like Ressa and her ilk who have failed to do their jobs. They behave as if they are the sole bearers of truth, and they have a monopoly over fact-reporting. Armed with hubris and arrogance, and with an undeserved dose of self-entitlement, it is in fact traditional media that has hijacked the democratic discourse, more so when they took on their own partisan agendas. Karma is really a witch,” said the commentator.

Contreras in conclusion that justice is now served after he saw Ressa reap the bitter fruits of twisting truth and the things she did to diminish Duterte.

Source: Manila Times