Contreras slams Callamard for her remarks about war on drugs: She was here as a biased advocate

Political Science Professor and columnist Antonio Contreras slammed United Nations Special Rapporteur, Dr. Agnes Callamard for her biased remarks with regards to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against illegal drugs.

In his column published under Manila Times, Antonio said Callamard’s remarks are not necessarily controversial and insignificant because she based it from empirical evidences came up in foreign countries such as Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand.

Antonio on the other hand emphasized it is her biased attack and how she presented herself in a political approach made her controversial and irritating for some caring Filipinos.

The political analyst also said she came as an academic scholar, however she didn’t give essential facts or conducted any of her objectives during her visit in the country. It is purely politics.

“She has the status of a diplomat, being a representative of the United Nations. Under Article 6a of the code of conduct for special procedures mandate holders of the Human Rights Council, under which Callamard operates as a Special Rapporteur, she has the burden of always seeking to establish the facts, based on objective, reliable information emanating from relevant, credible sources, that she has duly cross-checked to the best extent possible,” said Contreras.

This Duterte administration supporter also said that Callamard just visits country that she wishes to see and rejected the parameters given by the sovereign government.

“Furthermore, Article 11c of the code requires that Callamard should have prepared her visit in close coordination with our Permanent Mission accredited to the UN Office in Geneva. The only exception to this is if the Philippines has designated another authority for this purpose. The Department of Foreign Affairs has come out with a statement denying the existence of such coordination. While Callamard informed the mission of her visit, such was not given final confirmation. The DFA also questioned Callamard’s motive and sincerity in engaging the Philippine government in a dialogue, when she traveled to the Philippines exactly at the same time that Senator Cayetano and his team were in Geneva to present the government’s report on human rights.”

Contreras concluded Callamard didn’t came here for scholarly purpose but she came here with a biased advocate expressing her opinion on the agenda of her own organization.

“Thus, the canard by Callamard is not in what she said, but on how she represented herself. It is not true that she was here just as an academic presenting a scholarly treatise in a public forum. She was here as a biased advocate expressing her opinion aligned to the agenda of the organizations which invited her, contrary to the expectations that she should appear neutral, impartial and objective.”

Source: Antonio Contreras | Manila Times