Contreras slams Liberal Party: The ghost of Renato Corona haunts LP and Leni Robredo

What comes around goes around. This has been the message of Political Analyst Antonio Contreras in his recent column published under Manila Times as he foresee the impeachment of Former Supreme Court Justice  Renato Corona will be happen to Vice President Leni Robredo.

In his article, Contreras emphasized that the Liberal Party didn't anticipate the ghost of Corona would haunt them as one of their members in the person of Robredo has also anomalies in her SALN.

"The impeachment team, of which I am a part, stumbled on this information, with a tip from an accountant who is now based in the US. While Leni Robredo listed her Meralco shares in her SALN, she failed to indicate the value of those shares, and as such, these were not incorporated in the total value of her assets. This was a consistent pattern, as revealed by her previous SALNs," said Contreras.

The political analyst also explained his team didn't allege Leni that she failed to list her stocks in her SALN but they thought she didn't declare the value of her assets.

"On these alone, and regardless of the amount of the stocks, the fact that Robredo failed to declare those already constitutes misdeclaration of her assets. And since by law, SALNs are supposed to be filed under oath, Robredo also committed perjury."

Contreras also stressed the Corona precedent will now twist the fate of LPs.

"If they argue that the amount is not that much, they will test the patience of a public that frowns upon selectiveness in the dispensation of justice. They will have to tell those who have been punished for misdeclaring lesser amounts in their SALNs that Leni Robredo is exempted from the reach of the law."

At the end of his article, Contreras said this act of Robredo is unfit for her title as lawyer.

Source: Antonio Contreras | Manila Times