De Lima speaks up about dictatorship: Don't let Duterte mortgage our future like Marcos did

In the midst of his issue with the European's criticism on his campaign of war in drugs and anti-human right policies. Duterte found a friend in China, where human rights and democracy's commitment is no big deal knowing it to be an authoritarian one-party communist country for the past 77 years.

In the UNHRC universal periodic period review for the Philippines, where Senator Allan Cayetano had his spiel on the Duterte regime's "sterling", only China believed the Senator out of of the 47 countries who attended.  The rest of the participating countries countered asking the Duterte regime to stop the extrajudicial killings.

The newly revived relationship of the Philippines to China after the most exclusive battle for the ownership of the West Philippine Sea has become an open gate for a new chaper in other foreign relations.

In this matter, the Philippine development is once again faced in a temptation that involves mortgaging our future once again to an economic giant like the China.

The "Build, Build, Build" program which are the recent agreements on Chinese infrastructure loans is supported by "One Belt, One Road" framework of financing international infrastructure projects to benefit Chinese trade and commerce which fired questions how can the Philippine carry it own independent terms as far as the economic giant is concerned.

Marcos dictatorship's human rights record has been put to flesh as it was reminded during his regime the same experience of how the country was submerged in a huge foreign debt. Some say, history will repeat itself, that the foreign debts will be shouldered by the next generation of Filipinos long after Duterte has rotted in his grave.

The International Financial Experts are ringing the bells of the Philippines. "Dutertenomics, fueled by expensive loans from China, will put the Philippines into virtual debt bondage if allowed to proceed", the experts warned.

Added to these warnings are a reappearance of the Marcos business dummies of martial law, which is assumed to have been monopolizing still the crony capitalism. cited, "A dictator once mortgage our future to imperialist powers and bankrupted this nation. We cannot let another dictator do that again".

It is also emphasized by the same site that the Duterte regime should be demanded the full responsibility of the terms of the contracted loans, and everyone including corporations and individuals who have claims and have benefited from it, to pay for these loans other than by making the whole nation suffer for it.