Duterte: ABS-CBN, tanggap lang ng tanggap. Harap harapan na nakaw

The Chief Executive explained that the P3 million added to President Duterte’s Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth is a supposedly election campaign advertisement that should be aired by ABS-CBN but failed to do.

Duterte claimed that ABS-CBN aired a TV ad against him that was the subject of a temporary restraining order.

"Actually yung 2.8 na yan, naging income ko tuloy," Duterte said at the Davao City airport following his arrival from attending the World Economic Forum in Cambodia and the Belt and Road Forum in China. He said the said amount is a contribution when he had a rating shot up in the last weeks of the presidential campaign.

"Wala man gastos, kasi yung ABS-CBN, tanggap lang ng tanggap. Harap harapan na nakaw," he added.

He even said "Yung three million, two million eight, binayad ko sa ABS-CBN para yung propaganda ko makahabol. Despite na inuna ko na, bayad na ako, inuna pa nila yung propaganda na yung sa bata,".

ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer has been repeatedly fired by the President for purportedly being biased to him.

The Inquirer has already issued a statement denying the “biased” reporting they do for the President.

On the other hand, GMA News Online is still trying to get both media’s shares of  feedback to the President's rant on them.

Source: GMA