Duterte gives advice to Callamard: Go on honeymoon with Hart

President Rodrigo Duterte has an advice for human rights rapporteur and psychology prfessor to go on a honeymoon instead if they do not believe that shabu damages the brain.

The president disputed claims of these people that shabu doen’t damage the brain saying users of the virluent drug have committed violent acts.

United nations (UN) Special Rapporteur  Agnes Callamard, a critic of DUterte’s campaign on war against illegal drugs has recently tweeted a statement from Professor Carl Hart, who claimed there is no established evidence that methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu in layman’s term leads to violence or causes brain damage.

Being the chairman of Columbia University’s psychology department, Hart expressed his claims which negates the statement of Duterte that shabu shrinks the brain during a forum on illegal drugs held at the University of the Philippines. 

When asked about his reaction towards this claim, Duterte said the two opposing people should go on a honeymoon and volunteered to pay for their trip.

“She should go (on) a honeymoon with that black guy, the American. I will pay for their travel,” Duterte told reporters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 before leaving for Cambodia.

Duterte added they should be together to discuss if shabu were good and if proven he will legalize it in the streets.

“They should be together and discuss…If shabu were good, (if it) is really in consonance with their pronouncement, you can be sure that beginning tomorrow, I will provide shabu in the streets. You may get your fix if you want.”

Hart has been remarked by Duterte as a fool saying his claim was based on an American forensic study.

“That’s all b****s*** to me. That is why I will not talk to them because my experience until now and 23 years ago when I became the mayor of Davao City was always a lot of violence and killing because of shabu.”

Duterte exclaimed the people who claimed shabu isn’t brain damaging might had assumed it as a harmless .

“You have prejudged everything and you are referring to the core of the complaint against me. Why would I go there and hang myself?”

The government invited Callamard earlier to conduct an investigation on the alleged human rights violations committed in connection with the drug war.

Source: Philstar